Welcome to my blog and favorite place, other than the gym, to escape to.  My goal with this blog is build an online library, or portal, that aspiring strength enthusiasts can come to for the most current and valid knowledge on a number of strength topics.  There’s too much riff raff out there, and I’m here to filter it out!  You’ll find some of my own work on here, as well.  Some of it may not apply to what I’m doing today; but I still leave the content up as a reminder of where I’ve been and as a reference for myself.

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My Nikon and the Moon

I must admit, I do have a slight obsession with the Moon.  All of nature, really, but the Moon owns my soul.  With this fact known, I randomly decided to grab my Nikon and see how close I could zoom in on the Moon.  The results didn’t disappoint.  The images are as amateur as it gets; but nothing short of amazing due to the fact that, on average, the distance from Earth to the moon is about 238,855 miles (384,400 km).








Sam Harris – “Waking Up” Audiobook

Gonna give this audiobook a try.  Lately, I’ve been listening to a ton of Sam Harris and, believe it or not, Russell Brand.  Definitely two extremes, but extremes that speak a language I understand.  I’ll be sure to post a review, and please feel free to listen for yourself. #freethinker