3 Year Anniversary Beach Trip!

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary, my wife and I decided to take a trip to the beach.  What followed was 5 days of awesomeness and relaxation.

The day we arrived, we were there hours before our hotel room was ready, so we decided to hang out at a notorious beach spot appropriately named “The Hangout”.


20150521_115025 20150521_123754

After a few hours of hanging out on the beach, we decided to try our hands at a little scooter adventure.  The cost to rent one was $30 an hour, and turned out to be the best $30 I can recall ever paying.  We explored the coast line and the local national park, all in an hour.  The scooter topped out at about 35 mph, so it was a pretty safe ride.


The next morning, we decided to start the day by visiting the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL.  Since it was Memorial Day weekend, the place was packed.  This, however, had no negative impact on the experience.  The place was slam full of airplanes and authentic war time memorabilia, making it a truly awesome experience for a vet like me.  The volunteers that worked there were extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.  God only knows the horrors they’ve experienced for all of us to roam this nation as a free people.

20150522_104628 20150522_105124 20150522_105348 20150522_105828 20150522_110317 20150522_110713 20150522_110911 20150522_112601 20150522_113332 20150522_113603 20150522_113616 20150522_115442

20150522_123704 20150522_124144

After leaving the museum, we headed to the resort.  We stayed at the lovely Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, AL.  If ever in Orange Beach, please make sure to stay a night or two at the Perdido.  It’s totally worth it.  During our stay, we experienced as much as we possibly could.  The beach was absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect, though it did get a bit windy the last two days of our stay.

20150522_140048  20150523_081131

A pine cone on the beach with no pine tree for miles.  Mind blown, to say the least.

20150523_122556 20150524_085409

Though most don’t enter a gym on their vacation, going at least once makes my vacations even better.  That is, if the gym is an option.  The gym at the Perdido is well equipped and has a very nice view of the beach!









I had to take a picture, which serves no justice, of this truly majestic boat that was docked next to the outdoor restaurant we dined at one night.  I don’t know who owned it, but their bar tab that night was definitely not an issue for them!


Our trip lasted only a few short days, but we made memories that will last a lifetime.  I took the pictures below, as I sat by the pool for the last time, to look at on days I’m feeling brain dead from work.  Can’t wait to return!

20150525_103350 20150525_103356


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