MB Slingshot Review

Recently, I gave the MB Slingshot a try.  A co-worker of mine had purchased one and, after witnessing him instantly add a good bit of weight to his bench his first time using it, I had to see what this thing was all about.  I borrowed it from him and incorporated in into my bench press, the very next day.  My training partner tried it, too.  If you don’t know what the MB Slingshot is, it’s really a huge band that you put your arms through for use with the bench press.


We did a few normal warm-up sets and then decided to do all of our working sets with the Slingshot.  Immediately, we added more weight than usual.  Why?  Because the weights we normally lifted felt a lot lighter with the Slingshot.  See, the Slingshot works by assisting you at the bottom of the lift.  It basically slingshots the bar back up!  Also, I had no shoulder pain throughout my entire workout.  I normally suffer from pain in my right shoulder when a certain amount of weight is added to the bar.  This fact, in itself, made me want to purchase one.

Now, some would ask “why the need for such a training tool?”  The simple answer is overloading.  After reading more about the Slingshot, I learned that it’s best used at the end of a bench session.  Say you do 3 to 4 working sets.  After those sets, throw some more weight on the bar and slide on the Slingshot.  Then, knock out 3 more sets.  This method of overload training will eventually train your CNS to handle the heavier load.  In time, weight that could only be lifted with assistance from the Slingshot will no longer require use of it.  What do you do at this point?  Keep adding weight!

Upon returning the Slingshot to my co-worker, I felt the immediate need to purchase one.  There is no way
that this tool is a gimmick.  They have a few options available, which can be researched at http://www.howmuchyabench.net, and each is worth the money.

Note:  I am not funded by, sponsored by, or even know anyone from MB Slingshot.  I just feel it’s worth a solid review from an amateur powerlifter in hopes that it benefits others.


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