The Only Supplements I Take

Lately,  I’ve been asked a lot about what supplements I take or what I recommend.  Now, some people spend WAY too much money on supplements.  A lot of the supplements they buy are unnecessary and some are flat out dangerous.  I won’t go into those; but if they are not on my list, then they’re possibly on the worthless list.  I’m a big fan of herbal supplements, though I don’t take any, because they are natural.  The reason I don’t take any, however, is because I feel they should be taken on a “by case” basis and that there aren’t any that fit in with my current goals.  So, without further adieu, here is what I take:

Whey Protein

Whey protein is quit possibly the most important supplement, next to a good multivitamin, that I take.  Most of my protein intake comes from protein shakes.  It would be virtually impossible for me to take in over 200 grams of protein through solid food, everyday.  I’m a working man and have a life; plus I do not have a personal chef to prepare my meals, everyday.  Granted, I do try to eat as much protein from solid foods as I can.  I try to find a good protein blend that contains both whey protein isolate and concentrate.  I also try to find a whey protein with a little casein protein included, since it burns slower than whey.  I currently use a whey blend that does not include casein, so I add milk in my evening shake to get it in.  Whey proteins almost always include all of the supposed “necessary” BCAAs, too.  That’ll cut out the need for buying BCAAs separately, though I don’t believe BCAAs do much for you.  Whey is a very crucial supplement for anyone trying to put on muscle, however.  Forget the beef, soy, and whatever other kinds of protein supplements that are out there.  If you disagree, please do your research.



I shouldn’t need to go into much detail on why I take this one.  None of us get all the vitamins we need, through food, everyday.  It’s simply not possible; so we must supplement it.  I take Centrum Men’s formula.  On days I forget to take a multi-vitamin, I definitely notice it by feeling like poop.


Creatine Monohydrate

I just started using this one, again, after years of not taking it and have noticed a huge difference in my overall performance in the gym.  I take 5 grams of the powdered form with my morning protein shake.  You want to take this right before you workout on the days you exercise.  On the days you don’t exercise, take it in the morning with any beverage or meal.  I recommend this supplement for any kind of athlete, not just weightlifters.  You will notice a positive difference in your performance within weeks.  Forget all that loading talk, too.  You’ll do nothing except upset your stomach.  Simply start by taking 5 grams a day and just continue with that amount.


Omega 3 Fish Oils

This is a key supplement I recommend for everyone, even non-athletes, because of it’s many benefits.  It’s absolutely fantastic for your heart, joints, brain, vision, and fertility.  Just do a quick search on Omega 3 Fish Oils and see for yourself.  Note: All of this is great, unless your allergic to fish!  Then, I’m pretty sure this supplement may kill you.



This is the supplement that I use sparingly and with caution.  There are TONS of very dangerous pre-workout supplements on the market, so please read some reviews before deciding to purchase one.  I take a very mild one that my gym sells called Speed Shot, manufactured by ABB.  It’s not too much and does just what I need it to when I am in the gym at 5:15 AM.  I never feel jittery and have never had a bad experience with it.  Other’s I have tried make my anxiety hit level 9000 or my heart feel like it’s going to explode.  Be very careful with pre-workouts, friends.


That’s it, guys and gals.  Less than you thought?  I have over twenty years of experience and knowledge with supplements, so I have had a chance to weed them out.  With that being said, these are the only ones I have ever had a good experience with and will continue to take in the long term.

If you have any questions, please fell free to ask.  Knowledge just may save you a ton of money!


2 thoughts on “The Only Supplements I Take

  1. I’ve also benefitted from the daily supplementation of 5g creatine, for weight stability and strength retention. I used to lose muscle and weight pretty fast if I didn’t train, but now I can go weeks without training. I’m curious about the pre-workout, having seen some stuff on Instagram lately. How long have you been taking that?

    1. I’ve been using the pre-workout, listed above, for roughly 5 years. I tried coffee, but it just didn’t do the trick. I need just a tad bit more than a cup of coffee to give me that edge in the gym, but nothing that makes me see unicorns! Lol!

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