Forced Rest Day

Well, I spoke recently about how a random case of neck pain, caused by sleeping in the wrong position, had miraculously disappeared following some full body stretching. Well, it has returned with a vengeance! I faired well in the gym on Monday and Tuesday; but Tuesday night I was in pain. I could barely turn my head and getting out of the bed was a struggle. Luckily, the pain wasn’t near my lower back; it sits in my traps and at the base of my neck. Nothing helps ease the pain, either. I’m using Tiger Balm, heat therapy, and Advil; but nothing is working.
To deter any further damage, I decided to take a day off from training. This decision prompted me to ponder how many people experience pain, but still go to the gym.  I’m not hard headed enough to continue training with symptoms of an obvious injury, but know people who are.  They feel that if they miss any time from the gym, all of their hard work will be for nothing.  Well, friends, taking a forced rest day due to an injury only makes sense.  Can you drive a car that is overheating?  Maybe for a while, but eventually that car will break down.  Same goes for the body.  Keep benching with that elbow pain and see how far you get.  You’ll eventually have to take a lot more time off versus what you would have if you had simply taken it easy in the beginning.  Not to mention, you may even damage yourself to the extent that you can never return to the gym.



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