Prayer Request

I know I don’t request these much, but I feel the need to do so on this one.  For those of you that do not watch the news, there were 9 people shot during an evening church service in Charleston South Carolina last night. The guy who did it sat in on an hour-long church service before murdering 9 of the church members.  The guy who did it is still on the run, last I heard.  He’s young and obviously not too smart, so I’m sure he will be caught soon.

The first thing I could think of, other than the families of the victims, was the fact that non-believers will look at this as ammo to prove to themselves that there is no God.  They will then use the question “If there was a God, why would he allow people to be shot in his house?” as a means to pull other lost souls into darkness.  I then thought to myself, how would I answer this question if approached by it.  As soon as I thought up this scenario, I immediately answered my own question with a simple fact – We live in a fallen world and God never promised us 100% protection from evil while we are on this earth.  He did, however, promise us the strength to defeat evil by overcoming the damage that is done when actions like this are carried out.  Also, this kind of stuff goes on around the clock and around the world.  Christians are being killed every single day; but only the stories that the news channels feel will get them the most ratings are being presented to us.
Please keep the families of those that lost their earthly lives in your prayers.
We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. – 1John 5:19 

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