Weekly Training Review

This week has been crazy hectic, so I am combining my entire week of training into one blog post.  Though things out of the gym were as crazy as it can get, training has been on point.  Also, I got a new camera.  No more cloudy videos and pics!! Here’s how the training flow went each day, with some minor notes.

Monday – Heavy Squats and Deadlifts

Today I worked up to a few  reps of 315 lbs on the squat and then performed some back-off reps with 275 lbs.

After squats, I hit some Sumo deadlifts.  I’ve been lifting conventional for a few months and was curious to see how good my sumo was, currently.  I worked up to a heavy single of 405 lbs and then called it a day.  Had two more days of squats coming up and didn’t want to fry my CNS too bad.

Monday grip & rip. Cause it's fun. #deadlift #powerlifting #mastersofgravity

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Tuesday – Heavy Bench and Accessory Movements

Today I warmed up for the bench press in a way I never have before.  I did a circuit of lat pull-downs, cable triceps push-downs, cable curls, and face pulls for 4 sets of 10 – 12 light reps.  This really got the blood moving and I felt more prepared to hit the bench press than ever before.

With that being said, I worked up to a 2 rep max that I have yet to hit on the bench press.  Following bench, I did some bodybuilding type movements for my entire upper body, except the shoulders.

Wednesday – Moderate Squats and Moderate Bench

Yes, more squats and bench press work.  I have been reading about how tweaking frequency can produce gains, either in power or muscle, and figured why not give it a go.

First, I hit squats because I wanted to be fresh when performing them.  I worked up to 5 sets of 5 reps @ 8 RPE.

I didn’t want to destroy my CNS, so I moved on to some hack squats for 10 – 12 reps after I felt I was it was time to move on.  I hit some sitting calve raises while waiting my turn on the hack squat machine, too.

Next, I hit the bench press for 5 sets of 5 reps @ 8 RPE.  I actually felt pretty strong, so maybe this hitting bench for multiple days in a row will pay off.  I’ll continue it until my body tells me otherwise.  If any tendonitis or aches kick in, I’m going to back off a bit.

Thursday – Upper Body and Light Bench

After performing my upper body warm-up circuit, I started the workout with some overhead presses for 5 sets of 5 reps @ 8 RPE.  I used as much weight as I could without sacrificing my form.

I immediately followed the OHPs with 2 supersets of side and rear lateral raises, accomplishing roughly 15 reps a set.

Once my shoulders were toasted, I moved on to some chest presses via the Hammer Strength machine.  I worked up to 4 sets of roughly 12 reps with some moderate weight.  Felt really good, considering this is the third day in a row I have performed some chest action!

My back started to become very jealous of not getting as much attention as my arms, so I hit the Hammer Strength seated rowing machine for four sets of 10 to 12 reps.  I made sure to alternate my grips from close to wide on each set, creating some variation in the movement.  Got a really good burn off this one.

After all of this upper body action, I figured it was time to hit abs.  Other than performing a handful of abdominal vacuum holds each night, I really don’t do much for abs.  I feel my abs get hit enough with all of the power moves I perform, but still hit them with isolation exercises at least twice a week just in case.  Did a few super-sets of hanging leg raises and ball sit-ups to end the workout.

Friday – Day 3 of Squats

Started today off pretty rough!  I woke up 30 minutes late, due to the volume on my alarm being too low, and could only get some squats in.  I planned on doing more, but did what I could with the little time I had.  After warming up for about 20 minutes, I worked up to a set of 315 lbs. x 2 reps @ 9 RPE.  Then, I dropped back to 225 for AMRAP.  I hope my squats go up, soon, cause 315 still feels a bit heavy to me.  Regardless, I’m going to keep nailing them until they progress.

Well, that’s it for this week!  Overall, with all the madness life was delivering to me throughout the week, I was pleased with my performance in the gym.  Looking forward to the weekend, now!


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