Quick Tips for Easy Weight Loss

If I’m not being asked for tips on how to build muscle, I’m being asked for tips on how to lose weight.  People think way too deep into this topic and don’t realize that the path is so easy FOR SOMEONE WHO TRULY WANTS TO LOSE WEIGHT.  Honestly, the key to fat loss is all about having a proper diet and cutting back on caloric intake.  Yes, you need to get active too; but in the early stages of beginning a healthy lifestyle, most people can get by on diet alone.  Follow these tips and you’ll see your body melt fat off of your body within weeks.  I’ve seen people healthfully lose up to 40+ lbs. by following the below tips (in no particular order). These are all things I’ve done, along with multiple others, and reaped great rewards in losing unwanted fat.  Some experts may disagree, but I let the results do the talking.

 Cut out the sodas

People love sodas, and I simply don’t understand why.  They leave you feeling full of gas from all of the carbonation and sluggish after all of the sugar suffocates your blood vessels.  Cut out sodas and you’ll almost guarantee fat loss.  You’ll begin to actually taste the food you eat, also, since you aren’t washing it down with a sugary beverage!


Drink water

Drink it like your life depends on it.  God put water on Earth to fuel everything positive in the life cycles of many things and beings.  This fact is exactly why it aids in fat loss.  As a natural appetite suppressant, it ensures that you are truly hungry when you feel you need to fuel up (eat).  Make sure you drink it cold, too.  Cold water motivates your body to burn calories, more than room temp water,  because it uses more calories to warm up the cold water.  Didn’t know you could burn more calories by simply drinking water, huh?


Cut back on bread intake

Bread can make you fat due to the fast acting carbohydrates that are rapidly converted into glucose, before hitting your bloodstream, and then deposited in your swollen fat cells for energy usage.  Unfortunately, you’re eating so many carbs everyday that your body never gets the chance to use up the majority of them.  Bread is a huge contributor to carb intake and something to truly consider cutting back on when aiming to burn more fat.  Get your carbs from more healthy sources and you’ll start noticing a difference in the way you look and feel.

A toasted slice of white bread with a skull and bones symbol isolated on a white background.

Cut out as much sugar as possible

If you have sweet tooth, pull it.  I’m joking.  Seriously, though, cut back on the sugar intake.  You can still treat yourself, every once in a while; but try to completely eliminate it all together.  Just think of the nasty belly fat it’s going to put on you if you eat it.  It’s all a mind thing, I promise.  Also, if you haven’t caught on by now, sugar is not a friend of fat loss.


This ends my list of things you can immediately cut out of your diet to begin the process of burning unwanted body fat within weeks.  Along with eating the right types of foods and an living an active lifestyle, you’ll begin seeing an amazing body reveal itself as that unwanted body fat simply melts away.  You’ll begin feeling better, mentally, too.  Of course more goes into losing fat for the long haul, but following these tips will get you by for a great while.  Good luck!




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