New Year = New Approach

Yes, I am a program hopper.  This year, I tried many different training approaches in an attempt to determine what works best for me; some with much success and others with zero.  I feel training is more of a journey versus a destination, so I don’t regret this past year’s approach.  However, the new year will need to be more structured and have a decent plan.  No one makes much progress in anything without a clear plan and path.

So, I have decided to go back to the tried and true method of training instinctively (at least for me). For the strength aspect of my program, I’ll be following the teachings provided by Mike Tuchscherer, founder of Reactive Training Systems. I don’t know Mike, and have never communicated with him, but I have tried his method of instinctive training with GREAT SUCCESS.  I even implemented some of it during the holidays and was amazed at how satisfied I felt with my training.  The only reason I ever strayed away from it was because I got side tracked by the bells and whistles of other popular routines.  Last time I used his method, to prepare for my last powerlifting meet, I got really strong!

Though I do not plan to compete until later next year, I still want to get as strong as I possibly can.  I also want to add a little muscle mass, too.  So, I will be adding some hypertrophy movements to my program.  Why not look as strong as I feel, right?

In the following weeks, I will be providing weekly updates on my training routine.  I’m also hoping to add some solid video footage to my YouTube page, so be on the look out for that, as well!  I have a few ideas to make my videos a bit more interesting and humorous.  I plan to do an entire series on how to properly perform most exercises known to man in an attempt to educate new lifters, also.

With all that being said, have yourself a Happy New Year!  I hope you, like me, have big plans for 2016!  See you on the flip side.



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