How to Get Rid of “Back Fat”

I was recently asked for tips on how to get rid of “back fat”.  I found this to be an interesting question, especially after the visual I received from hearing the word “back fat”, and determined that there are multiple ways that it can be answered.  Below are a few reasons why a person may accumulate more fat on their back than any other spots, and what to do to eliminate such fat.

Poor diet.  This one of the many reasons a person may accumulate more fat deposits on their back than any other body parts.  A diet that is too high in calories, fat, protein, and/or carbs can lead to serious fat accumulation; if not carefully prescribed by a trained/licensed/certified professional.  Reach out to such a professional to determine if your diet is right for you.


Genetics.  Genetics play the major role in how our bodies currently look and in how they could look (good or bad).  If you’re family has a history of any health issues that automatically set you up, no matter what you do, for excessive fat accumulation, your genetics are going to make it extremely difficult for you to keep fat from accumulating on your body.  Once again, see a trained professional on the matter.


No exercise routine.  Exercise is for anyone and everyone; young and old.  Gone are the days in which it is strange to be the person who cares about how they look and feel.  Honestly, these days, it’s strange if you don’t care.  Many reading this may find themselves at a point in life in which they feel it’s too late to begin a workout routine, and they couldn’t be more wrong!  Anytime is a good time to start, but no time is good to stop.  A good routine involves working all movable parts of the body, including the back.  This brings me to my next point…


No direct back movements.  When do you use your back muscles in everyday life?  Unless you’re pulling something down, up, or towards you, probably NEVER.  How about the muscles in the front of your body?  ALL THE TIME.  This fact sets your back muscles up for atrophy and gives fat a nice place to set up shop.  Begin by planning out a good exercise routine and DON’T SKIMP ON THE BACK WORK!


So, now that we’re passed a few of the main reasons for accumulation of back fat, let’s get to the fun stuff.  Here are a few exercises that I would recommend if I was working with someone (with prior approval to engage in physical activity from their physician and their diet was as clean as possible) whose main goal was to get rid of “back fat”.

Weightlifting movements:

Rear lateral raises

Lat Pull-downs

Cable Rows


Cardio movements:

Rowing Machine


HIIT Training

Of course, full body workouts are king.  These above are just a few movements that can be incorporated into a specialized workout routine when strictly focusing on eliminating “back fat”.



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