Project Momentum – Week 8

Well, I made it to the last week of Project Momentum!  I’m very happy about this for two reasons:  No more two-a-days and I finally get a chance to test my 1 rep max (1 RM).  My bicep tendinitis has virtually disappeared, but the little time I took off from bench pressing was enough to damage my bench numbers.  However, my squat and deadlift are ready for maximum effort!  The coaches called for very little work, this week, but I am tweaking it to my liking.  Since I am not maxing on the bench press, I am going to do more bodybuilding type movements on the days I’m not squatting or deadlifting.  I need to be careful not to get too fatigued, though, since this is technically a pre-peak week.  I have to do my best to treat it like it’s a week before a big competition, which means I can’t get too fatigued or I’ll do terrible on peak day.

Note:  All weight is recorded in pounds and only working weights are recorded.


Performed super-sets of the following exercises for 3 sets of 10 – 15 reps with light weight:

Lat Pull-downs / Face Pulls

Bench Press / Db Flyes

Shoulder Press / Rear lateral Raise

Hammer Curl/ Dips


Woke up feeling good, but began to feel weak  when I started warming up for the morning’s workout.  The plan was to hit my openers on both squat and deadlift.


x 1 @ Opener



x 1 @ Opener


Notes:  365 felt about right as an opener for squats, but I am disappointed in how 450 felt for my deadlift.  I pulled 460 x 1 @ 8, last week, and now 450 felt like @ 10.  What gives?  I think it has to do with a number of things:

  1.  I’ve been working the deadlifts in the evenings (when I am my strongest).
  2. My rest times were not as long as they should’ve been (3 minutes versus 5+ minutes).
  3. This just could’ve been a bad day for deadlifts!

Regardless of the fact that 450 felt like I was lifting a car, this morning, it looked good on video.  I’ll still use it as an opener, since lifting on peak day will take place later in the day. I may need to move my heavier lifts to evening workouts and keep the lighter work for the morning workouts.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Wednesday – Rest



Went into the gym and only hit my warm-ups on all 3 lifts.


Went into the gym and hit some light full-body movements just to keep the joints lubricated!


Saturday – Rest


Sunday – Peak Day!


425 x 1 (20 lb. PR)

Bench Press:

295 x 1

Note:  Worked up to the heaviest weight that I could with a bummed arm.  This is 20 lbs. less than my all time PR, but I’m not really upset.  I’m actually happy with this because it proves to me that my arm is healing.


450 x 1

Note:  Not my best (475 was best), but I am happy to pull 450 in a conventional stance.  See, I normally pull Sumo (507 is 1RM) and I wanted to give conventional a try and strengthen my back a little more.  So, I’m good with this number.



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