Necessary Training Gear

Here’s a list of items I feel are necessary for any chosen strength training program, along with some that aren’t so necessary.

Knee Sleeves

These are a must if you like having the ability to lift heavy objects and plan to walk pain-free after you’re 30 years old.  I see a lot of younger guys bragging about how they can squat a ton without knee support, and just cringe at the thought of how bad their knees will hurt when they hit 35 years old.  Sadly, when these trainees reach my age, they’ll be riding in motorized scooters across the Walmart parking lot while I stroll in with pain-free knees!


Weight Lifting Belt

This piece of apparel falls directly in line with the knee sleeves – it is a must if you like having the ability to lift heavy objects and plan to walk pain-free after you’re 30 years old.  Now, it’s not recommended to train with both all the time, but definitely when the training intensity is raised.  Plus, they help you lift more – SAFELY.  Kinda a “no brainer”.



I’ll let you figure this one out, yourself.  Try lifting a heavy bar without chalk, and then with chalk.  Plus, nobody wears weightlifting gloves, anymore.  Unless, of course, you’re afraid to hurt those baby hands.


If you’re still under 30 years old, you’re probably snorting the latest, greatest, and overly priced pre-workout supplement that your favorite Instagram model or YouTube bro is pushing.  If that placebo is enough for you and you don’t mind the fact that your heart might one day explode from all of the chemicals they push into those concoctions, then stay with it.  I, on the other hand, like to sleep at night and don’t like shaking like a crackhead all day.  That’s why I simply drink a cup of coffee before I train.



These are an absolute must unless you’re a Shaolin monk.  I prefer wireless headphones on most of my exercises, except front squats, overhead presses, and any movements in which I have to lay on the ground or a bench.  Wired headphones are great for said situations since the bulk of the headphones don’t get in the way of the bar or fall off.



Training Shoes

I train shoeless in my home gym but wear athletic shoes when training outdoors or when competing.  A good pair of athletic shoes goes a long way if properly chosen and don’t have to cost a fortune.  Forget all the fancy lifting shoes, unless you’re training the Olympic lifts or just want to be the cool kid on the playground.


Wrist Wraps

These are great if you have weak wrists or have had some type of injury to them in the past.  I don’t wear them for the simple fact that I don’t get anything out of them.  Not knocking them, though, because they are a must for some people.  Definitely, try them out to see for yourself.


Deadlift Socks

These are great if you want to keep your shins silky smooth and they’re NECESSARY for legit powerlifting competitions.  Other than those two reasons, there’s absolutely no need to train with these.


So, what do you absolutely need to get through a grueling workout?  Leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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